360º Platform
Pully-drived platform is stable, reliable and easy to maintain. Also provideb the gunner easy to manage and control different directions. The platform can host various riffles. Machine gun mounts can be designed and installed under special request.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes on all 4 wheels for strong stopping power.
  • Power output not diminished when reverse and easy to access.
  • Reliable & high performance engines deliever abundant torque, strong mid-range power & high PRM performance.
  • Sturdy chassis and double-ARM for dependability and long life.
  • Auto transmission & reverse for outstanding manuverability.
  • Electric start for convenience and kick starter for backup.
  • Low, competition-style riding position with a wide space in the back for gunner.
  • Independent engine hanging system & dependable shaft drive system for smooth performance.
  • 4-W independnet suspension and preload adjustment to smooth out the ride.
  • Equipped with 360º gun platform , tom hook, winch, bullet storage box, wiper, windshield, washer & space tire.
  • On-off adjustment differential system for incredible versatility.
    Diff turn on : Make Fimo have easy turrning, small turning circle & better balance for street use.
    Diff turn off : Fimo can have better traction & more powerful for off-road or slippery ground.
  • Bulletproof glass windshield, PC safety guard. And 4-wheel flatproof tyres provide better protection.