This invention featuares an engine that combines the advantages of a two-cycle engine. It is an engine that provides simplicity, yet is capable of improving power output. It uses a sleeve piston that easily controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves. In addition, it prevents the lubricant from exuding out of the crankcase, which results in improved lubrication and reduced emissions. Primarily, it provides engine simplicity that improves power, while reducing pollution and ultimately saves money without the need for mixing engine oil with gasoline.

Present two-cycle engines require time for mixing oil and gasoline. Their design is complicated and oil is allowed to escape from the crankcase.These concerns pointed out a need that led Inventor Yung-Ching Chen to the development of his revolutionary Two-Stroke Engine Structure, He has designed a high-performance two-stroke engine that reduces emissions and improves lubrication for motorcycle and similar engines. It is an "environmentally friendly" angine that reduces maintenance and related costs. Most importantly, it is an efficient engine design that is ideal for all two-cycle engines for both private and commercial use.

It is a Two-Stroke Engine Structureb that can be made in various sizes and styles for motorcycle and other two cycle engines. The design used is simple and uncopmplicated, allowing it to be easily produced from a variety of appropriate materials at a very affordable and competitive price. It is superior engine that has been awarded a United States Patent and is now ready for immediate introduction to a vast and waiting market.
Front On/Off Adjustable Differential.
OFF each single wheel have independent power/torque.
designed to get you through the toughest terrain.
Jordan ATV is the only trully 4 wheel drive quad.
ON easier to steer with automatic traction system.
What is Differential System?
It is an optimized traction system to adjust the wheel speed automatically without compromise steering effort, also narrow the turning circle.
  • Double Hydraulic Rear Disc Brake for strong and equivlent stopping power.
  • On/Off Adjustable switch.
On for off road usage.
Off for street use.
  • Each Single Suspension can be adjusted.
  • Seat and handle bar remain level when tyres meet different height.

    4x4, Front Differential, Rear Axle Differential, and 4W Independent Suspension make Jordan ATV become the most comfortable ride in the world when going through the harshest, toughest terrain.

JORDAN has all LPG Fuel System techs for engines range from 36-250cc, all models produced by
Jordan can apply this LPG Fuel System for cheaper fuel cost and better environment.
Blackswan LPG Moped (36cc) is a bike equipped with Jordan LPG engine. Take a look the advantage
of LPG engines invented by JORDAN:
Gas cans are long time being used for portable gas appliances,
eg. Table top burner, micro torch, and pocket stoves�Ketc. Its use
and safety has been accepted and approved by the great public.
Now can you believe it is used for powering a bicycle?

Gas cans could be acquired easily in supermarket and convenient
stores in many countries. With one little gas can, Jordan's LPG
Moped runs for 12-18 miles. Comparing to fuel source like electric
and petrol, using gas can is convenient, light, low-cost, and
environmentally friendly. Detailed advantages are listed a few
as under:

1. Easy to refuel (change fuel as easy as changing dry batteries).
2. Portable (easy to carry).
3. Light (one can only weigh 320g).
4. Cheap (US$2.99 for 3 cans).
5. Easy to Acquire (sold in supermarkets and even 7-11).
6. Safe (gas cans have long time been used popularly).
7. Multi-use (same canister for various your portable gas appliances, e.g. table top burner, micro torch,
�@and pocket stove...etc.)

LPG has been used for auto fuel for more than 60 years. NOW, it��s the first time LPG can be used for two-wheelers. LPG is a great fuel in many different areas, and more importantly, the use of LPG in engine management system for transportation purpose has long been promoted. The Advantages under will make LPG fueled motors soon take over petrol motors�� place:
1. No pollution.
2. Fast and powerful as petrol engine.
3. Easy to start the engine.
4. Efficient (Range:20km per can).
5.Safe to turn up side down (Petrol engine can not be rotated).
6. Reliable and easy to maintain.
7. Long engine life and low maintenance costs.
Using light motorcycle structure as the frame, make BlackSwan as the strongest moped and give extra credit to its no-pollution LPG fuel system. Big structure advantage as under:
1. Strong and durable frames.
2. Grease shock absorber.
3. Dual rear suspension.
4. Both front and rear drum brake.
5. Large surface seat.
6. High loading capacity (Max load: 2 people.)
7. Pedaling function kept.